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Scandinavian Candy Carrier

You can not go wrong with a sweet delivery of fresh Scandinavian candy. We bring you

the best candies in the world!


Seasonal Letterbox Gifts

Send the sweetest and most thoughtful gift with a personal greeting straight to the mailbox!

Birthday, Christmas or Father´s day?

What would be a better way to surprise your loved ones.

Letterbox Candy Subscription

Nordic selection? Sweet and colorful? Choose your favourite or let us surprise you every week, or every month. Just the way you like it.

Caramel is the first company in Finland to launch a subscription based letterbox product containing carefully selected candy assortments.

The sweetest weekend starts with a Caramel Letterbox Candy Subscription!

Kuva-6 (1).jpg

Customised Christmas Candy Calendar

Personalised Advent calendars with individual boxes filled with carefully selected candies.

We design your very own advent calendar for your brand or organisation. This is a unique idea for your employees, partners or customers.

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